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Generally speaking, you will need to make your own preparations.

After the evening prayer, things change quite dramatically.

This means no eating, drinking, or smoking anything during the daylight hours.

Unsurprisingly, restaurants and eating establishments will not sell you food during this period, however some of the better hotels do quietly supply room service during the day.

The headscarf is however optional for foreign women, but it is worth brining one along simply to avoid harassment by the religious police or other men intent on causing problems.

Saudi law is generally strict where women are concerned and prohibits women from associating with unrelated men.

To make matters slightly more complicated, prayer times change daily according to the season and your exact location.

Daily prayer times are advertised in the newspaper and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs maintains a handy online prayer time service.

Beyond the general importation of illegal drugs and weapons, Saudi Arabia has very strict rules on imports.

Criticism of the flag of Saudi Arabia is considered insulting, as it bears the Islamic declaration of faith, and desecration or any other inappropriate use of the flag can lead to serious problems.

However, publicly criticising the King, the royal family, or the government of Saudi Arabia, is not tolerated even in the slightest and can attract the attentions of the muttawa or security personnel.

Restaurants in the bazaar and elsewhere open, and are generally very busy until the early hours of the morning with a fairly festive atmosphere.

Alcohol is forbidden and illegal throughout the country, although things are generally more lenient within residential compounds for foreign national or expatriates.

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The exceptions to the closure during prayer time are hospitals, airports, public transport and taxis, which continue to run normally.