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In 1847, the city was officially named after Syracuse, Sicily, which at the time was also famous for its salt mining industry.

The first Solvay Process Company plant in the United States was erected on the southwestern shore of Onondaga Lake in 1884 and the village was given the name Solvay, New York to commemorate its inventor, Ernest Solvay.

In 2010, Forbes rated Syracuse fourth in the top 10 places in the U. At the invitation of the Onondaga Nation, one of the five constituent members of the Iroquois confederacy, a group of Jesuit priests, soldiers, and coureurs des bois (including Pierre Esprit Radisson) set up a mission, known as Sainte Marie among the Iroquois, or Ste.

Marie de Gannentaha, on the northeast shore of Onondaga Lake.

The city has many neighborhoods which were originally various villages that joined the city over the years.

Although the central part of Syracuse is flat, many of its neighborhoods are located on small hills such as University Hill and Tipperary Hill.

The city stands at the northeast corner of the Finger Lakes region.General Electric moved its television manufacturing operations to Suffolk, Virginia, and later to Asia.The Carrier Corporation moved its headquarters out of Syracuse, relocated its manufacturing operations out of state, and outsourced some of its production to Asian facilities.Today, Syracuse is located at the intersection of Interstates 81 and 90, and its airport is the largest in the region.Syracuse is home to Syracuse University, a major research university, as well as Le Moyne College, a nationally recognized liberal arts college. The Syracuse area was first seen by Europeans when French missionaries came to the area in the 1600s.

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General Electric had its main television manufacturing plant at Electronics Parkway in Syracuse.

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