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Menstraual dating

If irregular menstrual periods is coupled with any other symptoms, you should check with your OB-GYN.

The menstrual period Tracker or calculator takes inputs from user like first day of your last period(LMP) and the average length of your menstrual cycle to estimate your next due period, Fertile Days , Ovulation day and Safe Days.

This also helps if you are worried about your late period or irregular menses.

Why hesitate when you can easily track your periods with this menstrual cycle calculator.

The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period.

In other words, day one of the cycle is the day one of your period, cycle day two is the second day of your period and so on.

The next time, when you start to experience such symptoms, you should be aware that your next period is going to start.If you are trying for pregnancy, you can have an intercourse around the ovulation time, and if you want to avoid pregnancy, you should abstain from sex for some days before and after ovulation.Also when your periods become irregular, it may indicate health conditions such as thyroid issue, hormonal fluctuations, diabetes, liver problems, gaining or losing a significant amount of weight, extreme stress or adopting a new exercise routine. Then you should use this period calculator so that you can plan your things better.You can get your personalized menstrual period calendar when you enter your details.

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For instance, you started spotting on March 3, but the actual bleeding began a day later.