Kevin kline dating

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Kevin kline dating

Neither wanted to take on roles that would require them to be away from their kids for too long.

In an interview with In 1983, Phoebe auditioned for the role of Chloe in the movie, The Big Chill.

With a cast THIS good, it is remarkable that the film had to 'go to video' to achieve success! ", shouted by Costner as he and Glenn ride 'into the sunset', has had countless fans wishing that a follow-up movie had been made (a 1999 nationwide video poll chose SILVERADO as the film "Most Deserving of a Sequel"), but time has, sadly, eliminated that possibility.

The film that 'failed' when released, in a genre that 'experts' considered passé, is, after nearly 20 years, still winning new fans.

The story of four likable 'shootists' of nearly superhuman skills, bonding, and ultimately taking on a corrupt sheriff and his brutal gang of deputies in the town of Silverado, trots out one traditional element after another, from the classic 'bushwhack' (with a John Ford ' Doorway Framing' homage shot) to the 'pretty widow' in a wagon train; from the 'saloonkeeper with a heart of gold' to the 'crooked gambler with a concealed weapon'..even climaxes with that most traditional of finales, as two ex-partners face off on a dusty street in an old-fashioned Western shootout.

In London, George Thomason, his seductive American girlfriend Wanda Gershwitz, and their associate Ken Pile are planning their latest crime, a diamond heist that should net them £13 million.They plan on leaving the country with the goods after the heist.On Wanda's recommendation, they enlist the help of her brother, Otto, a weapons expert, for this heist.Phoebe Belle Cates was born on July 16, 1963 in New York City.Although Phoebe Cates’ age is 53, she still looks gorgeous as ever.

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See more » This is one of the best, if not THE best, caper comedies of the modern era.

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