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By far, the biggest challenge the respondents encountered was meeting quality men. How do you find a guy who’s compatible, age-appropriate, and interested in a long-term committed relationship? What needs to happen in order for your marriage to be saved? – the most you can do is enable your wife to make her own independent choice to come back to the marriage by putting her in the best position to do so. I’ve been helping men through marriage crisis for about five years now.About 10,000 men have come Inside the Haven and I’ve personally talked over 1,000 of them through their wives’ separations, affairs and midlife crises.It’s not that the men who got their marriage back did a better job than the ones that didn’t; both groups of men worked equally hard to become the type of husband they wanted to be.It’s just that some of their wives made the choice to come back and some of them didn’t.In the beginning I was still hung up on Bad Boy, but distraction and detox (no contact with Bad Boy) really worked. Some of you were kind enough to answer my 60-second survey question: What is the single biggest challenge you’re dealing with in dating and relationships these days?When Bad Boy reached out to me 16 months later, the addiction was genuinely dead, and I could authentically say f*** off. A’s excellent advice, detox from your Bad Boy, and if you can, find something or someone that can pull you forward into the present or the future — rather than some wistful past that you’ve idealized. If you wanted to answer but didn’t get around to it, you can do it now here.

They don’t have the optimal mindset for coping with separation… It doesn’t mean you’re a failure – it just means you need to keep learning and keep working.The phrase “finding a man who wants to be a grown-up” came up several times. This response summarized the challenge nicely: “Meeting a man who I feel compatible with, feeling attracted to that same man AND having him treat me well.” This is what all the online dating methods call the phase. It turns out to be a source of considerable concern for a lot of ladies, as this poignant response shows: “Where is he? You cannot force her to change her mind about the marriage.

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