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Hello, I'm looking into my family tree from the old country. In a goggle search Haberberger came up with this cities history.

If you know anything about my family name it would be helpful.

My father was in Königsberg between July 6, 1943 and the end of April 1945. He worked Reifendienst Todtenhöfer Königsberg Steindamm 13-14. It is wholy right and proper that there is a memorial to the victims of the appalling massacre at Palmnicken. But where are the memorials to the equally appalling massacres of civilans at Nemmersdorf and Metgethen?

I am in no way anti-Russian, but they ought to disavow and abhor their Soviet past just as Germans do their Nazi past. we do not have any historical background of his family.

It will be displayed at the Museum for Arts and History of Kaliningrad (former Königsberg) at 2360116 Kaliningrad, Klinicheskaya Str.

21, on the 9th of November at 12 am until December 10th, 2017 The exhibition will contain many documents and photos about the Jewish Citizens of Koenigsberg.

We are looking very much forward to contact the descendants of Aron Liebeck.I know the places that they were born in East Prussia were in Nesselbeck (between 1936-1939) and Rinau (between 1940-1944).I was wondering if you may know a place to start to find more information on either of these areas.Danke My dad came from tilsit east prussia his name is werner von brosseit his family had a wheat farm in tilsit my name is karlene murfet i live in australia my mobil nu is 0467 527 368 please thankyou karlene murfet Hello!I found your site after meeting with someone who was born in Konigsberg.

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